The Rainbow Virus: Never Look Into Her Eyes (Book One) - Vincent Pet

The Rainbow Virus: Never Look Into Her Eyes (Book One)

By Vincent Pet

  • Release Date: 2018-05-21
  • Genre: Sci-Fi & Fantasy
  • Size: 131.03 KB

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The scientific community kept warning humanity that a celestial object would one day strike the Earth and annihilate our species. They were right. An asteroid did strike – just that nobody noticed it. The catastrophic event was an innocuous flash in the sky, an insignificant falling star that at most might have been noticed by a handful of people.

Book One: Never Look Into Her Eyes

Time was up. The virus had reached the American shores. Andrew was coming back home with copies of the government research files that his team had been frantically working on to halt the virus from transforming the world. His young family had been chosen for one of the few bunker spots intended to outlast the infection.

Drake Carrington was a young, inept fighter. He never wanted to be in the army and his unit was being pushed back by a much superior enemy. Stranded and under heavy fire, Drake makes a dash towards safety only to find himself face to face with his opponent. Was this the opportunity for peace that he so desired?

The Rainbow Virus is a three book series.